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Finally, a Partner Portal Built in HubSpot

Finally, a Partner Portal Built in HubSpot - AllianceHub

While running marketing and guiding growth for data management company Panzura, we needed a partner portal to replace the old, out-dated and clunky portal the company had. Critically, it needed to interface with HubSpot, which was our chosen customer relationship management and marketing system.

We had a small window of opportunity to choose, to avoid an expensive renewal. The choice we made was Allbound, a WordPress-based SaaS portal with built-in connectivity to HubSpot as well as other CRMs such as Salesforce.

It was the ideal choice at the time. A huge step up, easy to customize and to add content to, and it took care of allowing partners to register and monitor deals.

Over the next couple of years, as we became better educated and wanted more personalization, that same choice became less obvious. Over the same period, HubSpot's CMS continued to improve, delivering new features and becoming ever more intuitive to use.

We adopted HubSpot to build out our customer self-service portal, then our learning management system. As HubSpot-recommended consultants struggled to build out what we wanted, we stepped in to do it ourselves, getting familiar with what was possible, and figuring out how to achieve the seemingly impossible.

Using HubSpot for these portals gave us more, and deeper insight into actions our customers were taking, letting us understand what was working for them, and what wasn't — all stored against their contact record. It convinced us that not only was HubSpot capable of supporting these kinds of customer hubs, but that it was beneficial to both ourselves and to our customers to leverage HubSpot technology to deliver the best possible experience.

As a result, we committed to finding a partner portal that operated in HubSpot, or to building our own.

Fast forward to now, and we've done it.

AllianceHub is a partner portal built entirely in HubSpot.

We've done the hard work using HubSpot APIs to display deal pipelines and detail right out of HubSpot, with view access restricted to authorized partners, allowing partner reps to see their pipeline at a glance, and letting partner admins see their whole company's pipeline.

We've made it easy for partners to register deals, with deals assigned to their pipeline on approval.

We've virtually eliminated double handling by allowing sales content using all kinds of media to be added, categorized and elegantly presented, while leveraging content already loaded into your HubSpot instance.

We included all the things we wanted, and couldn't find, such as a completely modular, customizable dashboard, real-time updates of user details, and one-click contact requests.

In short, organizations that are 'all in' on HubSpot can now bring their partner portal into their existing CMS eco-system, using the sales, marketing and tracking tools they're already familiar with.

AllianceHub has been built to be extensible, using HubSpot functionality so that as HubSpot continues to iterate, this partner portal will only become more powerful.

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