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Turbo-charge your tech business growth with a fractional CMO.

Step up to the next level of revenue. Break into new markets. Boost profitability by streamlining processes. Remove the friction from the sales process. Get marketing strategy and execution that move the revenue needle with a fractional chief marketing officer (CMO).

Fractional CMO services to turbo-charge business growth

👋 Welcome to Zelerator 😄

Thanks for stopping by. Please take a look around and if you think I could help as your fractional head of marketing, I occasionally have spots available for the right companies. I'd be happy to talk to you, to make sure you have everything you need to set you up for success.

Petra signature

Quote leftPetra is a visionary leader who is not only knowledgeable about the latest customer experience trends and technologies, but is also able to put those ideas into action. I highly recommend her for any organization looking to drive customer-centric change and make a meaningful impact on their business. She is a world-class leader and rockstar human. Quote right

CEO, Inc. 5000 Tech Company

Quote leftExtremely effective as a marketing and business communications leader, Petra has an innate ability to tap into what matters most in terms of moving a company and its product proposition forward in the market, offer strategic recommendations scaled to and aligned to business objectives, and then deliver real results.Quote right

Manager, Fortune 100 Tech Company

Quote leftPetra is very outcomes-driven. She takes initiative and goes above and beyond what you ask of her to make sure everything is done the right way, and gets things done VERY quickly. She also does an amazing job sharing her knowledge and teaching and coaching the people around her. I couldn't recommend her more. She is effective, efficient, and a joy to work with.Quote right

CEO, Medtech Company

Who are we?

Think of us as marketing Ninjas who solve big problems, and boost business growth. We work with smart CEOs whose companies have great tech offerings, and need to get them into more customers' hands, faster. We figure out what's holding you back, develop your marketing strategy and help make impactful approach, messaging, appearance, customer experience and process moves that put you on a faster path to growth. 

Help your customers achieve their goalscustomer-goals


Help your customers achieve their goals 🎯

Customer-centricity is never wrong, and it'll help you to find product-market-fit faster. Learn what matters to your customers, and why. Get clear on what you do, who you do it for, and how it will help them. We help turn those insights into action, identifying changes or improvements to your products and customer experience that improve your customer retention rate.  


Find the right words, to influence the right people 💬

It can be hard to find good thinkers, and even harder to find really good writers. Even if you have your own marketing team. We help you dial in your message to your ideal buyer. No distractions. No fluff. Just clever, forthright, compelling communication that resonates with the customers and prospects who matter to you.

Dial in your message to your ideal buyer. No distractions. No fluff. Just compelling communication.
Elevate the impression you make


Elevate the impression you make 😮

World class branding can be enormously expensive. The only thing more expensive is getting it wrong. We help craft your brand, and all its elements, to appeal, attract, reassure, and convince.  We'll show you how to leverage your brand, and turn your website, or app into a sleek, fast, sales machine, avoiding mistakes that suck up time and budget.


Focus on the things that matter ⚡

It's never just about sales, or messaging. We're critical thinkers who are laser-focused on making every step positively impactful for your customers, and for you. We strip out the distracting, the time wasting, the frustrating and the pointless from your processes, massively increasing the impact you create.

Focus on the things that matter

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