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Revenue generator. Problem solver. Strategist.

From a Silicon Valley tech company turnaround to introducing a new category into the retail landscape, we know what it takes to generate customer demand and build business momentum.

And, we've made it happen — remotely, and in person.

Our fractional CMO services help tech companies accelerate their path to revenue.

Fast-growing companies that can't yet afford a full time CMO can gain extraordinary benefit from having a fractional CMO; a high-caliber, seasoned marketing pro who can deliver on strategy and execution, oversee and work with your marketing team, figure out what you need, set the bar for excellence... and avoid expensive mistakes.

Directors, planners and doers of all things necessary to achieve extraordinary business growth.

Inc 5000 leader
CMO Alliance member
Pavilion executive member

Fractional Chief Marketing Officer. Full time Chief Results Officer.

Fractional CMO Petra Davidson has helped tech companies grow from humble beginnings, and helped others execute spectacular turnarounds, with outrageously successful results.

Most recently, as Vice President of Marketing, and then Customer Experience at cloud data management company Panzura, her team earned over 140 pieces of media coverage in a year, won 15 industry awards, sent brand awareness (not to mention website traffic and inbound leads) through the roof, and revenues skyrocketed.

In 2022, Panzura made the Inc 5000 list of the fastest growing companies in the USA, coming in at #1,343 with 3-year revenue growth of 485%. 2023 saw the company make the list again.

That's not a one-off achievement. When it launched a new retail category in just 8 months, in time for Christmas trading, New Zealand-based Paytech company Ezi-Pay grew so fast it placed second on the Deloitte Fast 50 index, and was later sold for an undisclosed sum to global competitor ePay (Euronet Worldwide). Read this, and other stories.

Petra Davidson - fractional CMO


(Not so) secret saucery

It's not really magic. It just seems that way. Along the way, we've established some principles that we believe are incredibly important to achieving consistently excellent results.

📏 Accurate assessments

We dig until we find out what's really happening, what your true opportunities and challenges are, and why, so you have a solid basis for good decision making, direction setting, and course correction where necessary.

⚡ Master the details

Lofty intentions are meaningless if they're not backed up by delivery, and skilled execution can be hard to come by. We identify the details that matter, and help your teams to master them.

👀 Focus on customers

We put your customer front and center when solving problems and streamlining buying processes, so our approach delivers delightful experiences that turn customers into advocates.

🌟 Set the bar high

Even well-meaning people often don't know what excellence looks like. We aim for awesome in all things. We demonstrate it, teach it, and urge your teams to aim high, then higher again.

Action-driven practitioners

There's nothing like a good hypothesis. Testing it, pushing it around, seeing if it can stand up to some pressure is what lets you know if it's a solid idea, or you should go back to the drawing board.

We've done that a lot. We don't spout theoretical strategy and hope someone else executes it — we own it. We know what works, because we've learned it, mastered it, and proven it consistently. 

And, we're endlessly curious — paying careful attention to how people think, how they behave, what they're interested in, and what they're influenced by.

It's these human insights, and our relentless focus on excellence and getting things done, that set us apart.